Puja Singh Titchkosky


Puja is a yoga teacher / musician / artist currently living/working in The Palace in Glendale, California. He loves hiking, playing with crystals, studying sacred texts about yoga philosophy, chanting, hanging out with his dog Tagore, communing with Mother Nature, listening to music, making music, performing, tattooing himself and anyone else who is interested + practicing yoga alldayeveryday, on and off the mat. (To name a few things.)

Originally from Vancouver, BC (Canada) he has traveled the world and loves to explore and learn about the Universes both inside and outside himself. On the journey to becoming the most fully realized version of himself in every moment, he hopes to be able to share what he learns along the way in order to help guide others to explore+discover the truest, deepest, most authentic aspects/versions of themselves.

Namaste - Sat Nam - Wahe Guru - Om Shanti